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Ruben Maduro


Ever since the opening of our distillery and the production of our botanical rums we worked on our green mindset and took action to minimize our impact on the planet and support others to do the same. From solar panels on the roof, eliminating unnecessary single use plastic and driving electric, we’ve made huge steps forward. This year we’re announcing three key new Eco initiatives as we’re celebrating our fifth birthday year. We have decided to switch to a more environmentally-friendly bottle which not only uses 40% recycled glass, but reduces weight by 31%. This saves 2.8kg of CO2 emissions per bottle at the point of manufacture – lowering our overall carbon footprint by 370 tonnes in 2022. In addition, due to the significant drop in bottle weight, substantial further CO2 savings will be made throughout our entire supply chain – most noticeably in transport.
The bottle’s shape is squatter and more rounded than previously, but remains an easy pour for customers and bartenders alike. It also now features a neck-collar to explain the new initiatives. Our second key Green move is our entry into the not-for-profit Bonsucro Programme. Known as the ‘Better Sugar Cane Initiative’, Bonsucro promotes sustainable production and an equitable deal for its farmers. It also provides a variety of educational events and training sessions for sugar cane-related businesses, whether a farmer, processor or any other third party in the industry. In the 12 months, we’ve looked really hard at all our working practices to help us become even more eco-friendly. These two initiatives have serious, positive, global impact and are a great way to start our fifth year!
We have also boosted our use of renewable energy, eliminated plastic from our packaging (all bottle seals are biodegradable) and any unnecessary single plastic in the office. Finally, by working with new recycling partners, 92% of our waste is now recycled. We alone don’t have the power to heal the world. However, in our daily lives we can make choices to stop being part of the problem, and start working on the solution.⁠ It’s why we’ve created a transparent roadmap to progressively increase our impact for a better planet. Join us as we produce in union with nature.⁠ ⁠ Better tasting & better for the world.

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