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Walking around town outside our distillery in Amsterdam we got frustrated by being locked out of bars. It’s when we got inspired as we looked for a decent ready to drink cocktail to enjoy on the go. With pretty much all the ready to drink cocktails found in stores being overly sweet and artificially flavoured, we’ve created a range of canned cocktails that crack the code of having a night out – at home and provide a simple but better-tasting choice… (while avoiding the complexity and hassle of DIY mixing…) With our Botanical Rum range at heart, we’ve spent the best part of a year developing a range of canned cocktails that unite natural botanical (herbs, spices, fruits, etc..) extracts and juices with Single-origin rums without the use of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or colour. In other words, we’ve created a range of canned cocktails that are 100% spirit-based 100% natural, with less sugar and full of flavour! By working with the finest natural botanicals and producing botanical rum in the spirit of sustainability, we’ve created this well-balanced and skilfully blended refreshing botanical rum cocktail. Whether sipped in the park, at a dinner party, or after a long day at work, we’ve put in all the work for you to enjoy a delicious cocktail on the go. So go on and crack a can while they’re ice-cold!

100% Spirit-based

To create a botanical rum cocktail, we figured to use our botanical rums as a base. While the majority of ready to cocktails on the market today are wine- or malt-based, we’ve decided to go 100% spirit-based and guarantee the taste of rum in our cocktails. Not something you’d expect from a pre-mixed canned cocktail nowadays.

100% Natural ingredients

Our ready to drink range has been made following the same love, passion, and ethos as we put in our botanical rum. Its why we’ve only used natural fruit and botanical extracts and no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or colouring.

Refreshing Premium Mixers

During the lock-down, we’ve worked on creating our own premium mixers to be used in bottled and canned cocktails one day. Using Fresh ginger and Kola nut syrups to create our own Ginger ale, Ginger beer and Kola (That’s Cola with a K). We managed to create a natural tasting canned cocktail.

Uniting Bartending with Science

The Spirited Union Distillery team is headed by our two female distillers with two extraordinary skillsets; Marjolein Pot, who is our head distiller, has a background in distilling and microchemical sciences while our Sharai Rodriguez has a background in distilling gin, genever and a long history working in some of the best mixology bars around. Following over one year of trial and error by both, we’ve managed to balance out a bartender’s approach to creating drinks and preserving its natural taste in a can using a scientific approach.

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