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We’re live in Whole Foods Market US!

Officially a “pinch me moment”…

We're live in Whole Foods Market US!

Spirited Union Botanical Rum is now available across all Whole Foods Markets in California, and our locally produced ‘Ready-to-drink’ cocktails will go live per October as core placement. An incredible milestone as we continue our ‘rum fueled’ mission to make botanical rum a staple on every back- and home bar across the world.

The perfect product for the evolving

American cocktail culture

“This is a huge step forward for Spirited Union, as this is the first big step into the US. Following years of building the botanical rum category, I believe that the Whole Foods shopper is our target consumer and that our ethos towards natural, high quality and responsibly sourced ingredients make for a perfect fit. On a personal note, from the moment we created Spirited Union, I knew in my heart it would be the perfect product for the evolving American cocktail culture, and taking these first steps really makes me believe in the American dream.”

We had to move mountains to

land our products in store

Before we dive into the background of how an independent rum company managed to land such a listing, I want to express my gratitude towards the team at Whole Foods US (Mary, Candice, Taylor, Wesley, and Sawyer) for being on this journey with us. We had to move mountains to get through the US administration before landing in the stores, and without the support of our importer MHW (Michelle, Deidree and Lauren), it would have been a mission impossible, thank you for being such a reliable partner as we embark on this adventure.

From hand delivering our bottles to Whole Foods Market HQ

To selling our rums all across California

From the initial conversations we had it has taken us more than two years to bring it all together. Hand delivering the samples to Whole Foods HQ in Austin, setting up the distribution network from importer to local distributors, getting our products certified through the tax and trade bureau (TTB), changing our label design for the COLA waiver, and raising capital to successfully activate our products, we’ve finally touched down and customers across California can now enjoy our amazing Botanical Rum!

Join us as we celebrate this huge step forward


To celebrate this incredible milestone, we are offering free shipping (Netherlands) on any webshop orders this week. Visit the shop in our top menu, and use discount voucher WFMFREESHIPNL

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