COVID-19 Policies


These are unprecedented times at the distillery. Its why we have decided to update our activities to comply with all new government policies.


At the Spirited Union Distillery, we are committed to providing our partners and customers with the best products and services. First, we want to reassure you that we have a thorough health and safety plan and have taken several measures to make sure its safe to visit the distillery.

Therefore, we want to alert you about our COVID-19  policy in the distillery and the effects it will have on your visit to the distillery. Please pay attention to the following policies.

Spirited Union Distillery
Spirited Union Distillery




Sick? Stay home

Do not come to the distillery when you have corona symptoms. We are happy to reschedule our date. We will not charge you with extra costs.

Face Masks

As advised by the government, every visitor is obligated to wear a mask inside the building, until a spot has been assigned. It is then allowed to take the mask off. However, when leaving the spot, the face masks have to be put on again. In case a guest did not bring a face mask, they can purchase one with our staff.

Sanitize your hands

Please make use of the hand sanitizer placed by the door when entering the building. They smell great, try it! After using the toilet, please wash your hands thoroughly and dry with paper towels.

Small groups

To respect the 1,5m ruling and keep”social distance”, The distillery counts for 90m2, allowing a maximum of 30 visitors and one employee in the room. Nevertheless, fewer people are preferred to allow walking around the distilling equipment.

Hygiene etiquette

Please be aware of Hand hygiene and Cough and sneeze etiquette when entering the distillery. Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. Use paper towels or elbow when coughing or sneezing.

No Physical contact

Wave, don't shake. we have instructed our staff not to have any physical contact with guests, we ask you to do the same in the distillery. In addition to minimize physical contact, you can only pay by card.

Time Limit

You are welcome 10 minutes before the start of your activity. Please do not show up before, since we have a strict schedule to avoid contact with other groups. Also, we kindly ask you to leave the premises within 15 minutes after completing your activity.

Strict Door Policy

The max capacity in the distillery is 30 including staff, please register your attendance before coming to the distillery. We work with ‘reservations only’, so if you wish to expand your group, we kindly ask you to change the reservation in advance.

For the full policy, click here

Questions about our Covid-19 Policy?

The health and safety of our visitors and employees are our highest priority. Therefore we respect all governmental policies and recommendations made by the RIVM. Help yourself and others by doing the same.

If you have any questions about our policies, please get in touch with one of our members of staff, or use the contact form for us to contact you.

Distilling class room at the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam
Botanicals in hand at the Spirited Union Distillery
Distilling workshop at the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam