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The original Botanical rum company

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Brought together by a shared belief that rum should be delicious and fresh, we’ve made it our mission to unite single origin rum with botanicals, creating a colourful and innovative new category: Botanical Rum.

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By working with our family of local producers and embracing their passion for quality and care for the environment, we’re actively seeking ways to create a positive impact. This sense of unity and collaboration has inspired us to take less and give back.

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Our core range lends itself perfectly to making a variety of different mixed drinks. Our products are excellent choices for the at-home-drinker, as well as high-end cocktail bars. Get inspired by our numerous cocktail recipes and find your favourite serve. 

Our home in Amsterdam

With nothing to hide and an open-minded approach, we’re open to the public. Join us at the distillery to see how our rums are made, but also get a real taste of our unique approach.

How it's made

We’re proud that Spirited Union is the first Botanical Rum company that challenges the status quo in rum established by the large multi-nationals. By using traditional and modern distillation and  infusion methods, we’re adding creativity and real flavour innovation into the rum world. 

Carefully selected

We embrace the diversity and quality in rum. By working together with a partnership of local rum producers, we’ve carefully selected a wide range of unique single origin rums and infuse them with high quality and responsibly-sourced botanicals.

Working with

We take great care in selecting both the botanicals and the producers we work with. That’s as true whether it’s green cut sugarcane in Panama, fresh green coconut water from Sri Lanka, or honeybush from a regenerative farm in South Africa. We’re constantly working with our partners, embracing their passion for quality and care for the environment.

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Just as we care for our rum and botanicals, we care about the people we work with. Be it our team members, local producers, or partners.


Our quest for innovation led us to rethink rum as simply ‘aged and finished’. So, we created a patented botanical cask system that adds a delicate botanical twist to an indulgent and complex single origin rum.

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Join us for a unique experience in our distillery in Amsterdam. We host cocktail workshops and distilling workshops for groups and individuals. Get in touch with us to discover the possibilities, we’re happy to help you host your custom event.


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