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Botanical rum

We’re proud that Spirited Union is the first Botanical Rum company that challenges the status quo in rum established by the large multi-nationals. By using traditional and modern distillation and infusion methods, we’re adding creativity and real flavour innovation into the rum world. 


Introducing the worlds first Botanical rum

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We source single-origin rums and botanicals from the best regions in the World. We create union between the complex flavours of spirits and botanicals to produce new world rums that are bold, balanced with unapologetically fresh tastes.


Our philosophy

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Carefully selected

single origin rum

We love the way rum is traditionally made – the impact of soil, climate and cane on its taste. It’s why we go through great lengths to source single origin rums with different and distinctive flavour profiles. Our philosophy of working with single origin rums is to embrace the diversity in each spirit and to evolve and enhance its unique qualities with botanicals.

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Quality sourced


We go to great lengths to track down the best ingredients for our rums – going through every detail on how they are produced or sourced. Whether it’s green cut sugarcane in Panama, Fresh green coconut water from Sri Lanka, responsibly cultivated vanilla pods from Uganda, fairly sourced Pacamara coffee beans, or honeybush from a regenerative farm in South Africa.

Traditional & modern

flavour extraction

Our head distiller, Marjolein Pot, is in charge of the development of innovative liquids and looks after production in the distillery. With a background in gin-distillation and a passion for extracting flavour and aroma from botanicals she has created an incredible library of flavour which we use to create our botanical rums.

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