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Our promise &

Founder's story

We're founded on the belief that

strength lies in unity...

For decades, the rum category has been dominated by global brands who continually seek to reduce costs – cutting corners in production and replacing natural ingredients with cheaper artificial flavours. 

That’s led to our mission to put the quality back in to the rum market! We’re doing this by working with unique single origin rums and infusing them with high quality and responsibly-sourced natural botanicals.

We’re proud that Spirited Union was the first botanical rum company – one that’s focussed on adding creativity and genuine flavour innovation into the category.


We go to great lengths to track down the best ingredients for our rums – going through every detail on how they are produced or sourced. 

We’re constantly working with our family of local producers, embracing their passion for quality and care for the environment. This sense of unity and collaboration has inspired us to take less and give back.

Back in the heart of Amsterdam, our distillery, our home, is where it all comes together – uniting rum with botanicals not just through distillation, but infusion and barrel-ageing methods.

Inspired by years of developing innovating cocktail recipes, we’ve now got a core range of botanical rums that work great in mixed drinks and an exclusive reserve collection, finished in tailor-made botanical casks, to create amazing sipping rums.

We launched Spirited Union in a couple of bars in Amsterdam back in 2017, but since then, we’ve expanded to cover 22 countries across four continents. And we’re only just getting started.

Take less & Give back

Our products are made with

100% natural ingredients

Each of our rums is firmly rooted in the world of botanicals – how different fruits, herbs and spices can unite to create vibrant and exciting new tastes. All our rums are made in a transparent way, with the freshest ingredients – no artificial flavours or aromas. The flavour you taste – we’ve distilled or infused direct from nature.

We carefully select different styles of

Single origin rum

We embrace the diversity of, and quality in, the rum category. With a wide variety of rum styles to choose from, we hand select and quality check each batch to make sure it’s the perfect canvas for us to create deliciously unique botanical rum recipes.

We produce in the spirit of


Our green mindset and ”take less – give back” strategy is steadily reducing our carbon footprint, improving the quality of our botanicals and the environmental / social impact of the sugar cane that’s produced to create our rums.

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