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reserve collection botanical CASK FINISH

Years before we launched Spirited Union, our founders selected a variety of tropically aged rum casks with a view to one day using them for something very special – and which would challenge traditional premium rums.

We’ve used some of these carefully selected rums to be used as a base for the world’s first botanical rum range. In the process of creating perfect blends, we were inspired by the effect subtle nuances  botanicals have on different styles of rum.


Rum with a subtle nuance of botanicals

With a different take on rum – namely, that its future can reach beyond tradition and also be enjoyed by everyone – we’ve created a reserve collection with three beautiful expressions.

These rums are firstly matured in warehouses around the world, before making their way to our distillery – where a complementary and unique ageing method is applied, creating a signature botanical finish to each.

With a signature botanical cask finish

Process explained

Harvesting, fermenting & distilling

Sugarcane is grown in countries with tropical climates. At the end of the rainy season, it’s harvested and quickly processed into juice or molasses.  At local distilleries, fresh juice or molasses gets fermented and distilled in pot or column stills.

Influenced by the different types of cane, soil, climate, production, and maturation, rums vary from light to heavy, and fresh to complex tastes.

Process explained

Tropical cask aging & blending

By aging rum in wooden casks, the taste and color of rum changes. During this process, the rum enters a conversation with the barrel, and with the temperature fluctuations between day and night, the wood absorbs flavours from the rum, imparting the flavour of the rum.

With a wide variety of rum styles to choose from, we hand select and quality check different single origin rums to make sure it’s the perfect canvas for us to create a deliciously and unique rum recipe.

Process explained

Botanical Cask finish

Inspired by the effect that subtle nuances of botanicals have on rum, our Reserve Collection embraces the hidden botanical notes locked inside our selected rum casks.

At our distillery in Amsterdam, oak barrels are pre-conditioned by steeping botanicals inside for six-to-twelve weeks. Next, the botanical tincture is removed and these pre-conditioned casks are then filled with selected single-origin rum to give it a delicate and refined finish.

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botanical rum

We source single origin rums and botanicals from the best regions in the world. We create union between the complex flavours of spirits and botanicals to produce new world rums that are bold, balanced with unapologetically fresh tastes.


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