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Home of botanical rum


The Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam is our home base. It’s where we push for innovation in the category and developed several world’s first products.

With nothing to hide and an open-minded approach, we’re open to the public. Join us at the distillery to see how our rums are made, but also get a real taste of our unique approach.

Introducing World's first

& rum distillery



We founded Spirited Union to be a botanical rum company that’s focused on original flavour combinations instead of following conventional rum brands and their repetitive trends. Innovation and quality is one of our main priorities at the distillery. Looking for new ways to extract flavour from real botanicals while keeping the standards high across all our rums.

Our head distiller, Marjolein Pot, is in charge of the development of innovative liquids and looks after production in the distillery. With a background in gin-distillation and a passion for extracting flavour and aroma from botanicals she has created an incredible library of flavour which we use to create our botanical rums.

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Ever since we opened our doors back in 2019 we’ve kept our doors and hearts open for visitors. With nothing to hide and an open-minded approach, we’re open to the public. Whenever we are not producing or distilling, you can join one of our many consumer experiences such as distilling workshops, cocktail workshops, and guided distillery tours.

Responsibility & sustainability

a green mindset

Our 300m2 distillery is located close to Amsterdam Central, its Eco-friendly and we work with real ingredients. We believe in a hands-on approach to crafting our botanical rums and produce in a responsible way.

Naturally, we’re acutely aware of the cost of our choices – so we try to act as responsibly as we can when it comes to nature and its resources.

This means addressing our own waste streams and using every part of our raw ingredients, minimizing our carbon footprint by powering our distillery with solar and cutting plastic from our packaging.

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