– In Union with Ukraine –


At the Spirited Union Distillery, we’re on a mission to create botanical rum that unites people and to produce in an environmental and socially sustainable way. It’s why we’re taking action to reunite and support the victims of war in Ukraine, and donate all profits made from our limited Freedom Spice Rum to humanitarian aid.

€28.045 / €50.000

last update 09-03,06:30


To support the humanitarian aid in Ukraine. We’ve created a non-profit botanical rum that raises funds through bottle sales and donations.


All profits made from our limited Freedom Spice Rum will be donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 


By working together with our suppliers and distributors partners, we’ve created Freedom Spice Rum. A botanical rum made by infusing our cask-aged rum with heroic Ukrainian spice These rich and bold flavours pay tribute to the victims of war and support their humanitarian needs.

Non-Profit Rum

By working together with our suppliers and distribution partners we’ve cut costs to a minimum and optimized the donation per bottle.  To ensure transparency in our pricing and to make sure all profits are donated the Spirited Union will gather all margin and donate on the 30th of March. See the image below to understand the price build and how we get to €15 per bottle.

€1 – Cost of Goods & Production Thanks to the donations of our supplying partners we’ve kept the cost of goods at €1 per bottle
€15 – Donation for Charity The donation is build into our selling price. This way we can be transparent of what’s donated
€1 – Distributor’s Costs Our distributors margin will be reduced to €1,- to cover basic cost of import
€1 – Wholesale’s Costs Our Wholesale margin will be reduced to €1,- to cover basic cost of distribution
€1 – Retail & Bar Margin Our Retail margin will be reduced to €1,- to cover basic cost of sales
€10 – Sales Tax & Excise Duty In our home market (NL) we pay €4,48 per bottle and 21% sales tax. This varies per market.
€29.95 – Retail Purchase Price An honest price to pour with purpose.

Make a donation

As a start-up rum company, we alone don’t have the power to change the world. We can however act rather than sit still. It’s why we’ve set our target high, not because it’s easy, but because we want to make impact. Unfortunately, the Limited bottles will not be available in all markets, it’s why we are also taking donations to help us raise 50K by the 30th of March.

Humanitarian Aid

We don’t believe in supporting war, or any violence of such matter. We do believe in helping the victims, helpless civilians, who have fled their homes for safety. Therefore, we will donate to Giro 555, to make sure the donation will be put towards humanitarian aid.



We’ve united with our suppliers and distributors partners and created Freedom Spice Rum. By working together and donating all profits we will be able to donate €15,- per bottle to fund humanitarian aid in Ukraine.