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Traveling the world and working in the best bars and restaurants, we got really passionate about working with fresh ingredients and high-quality sustainable products.

One day we looked around and got frustrated with global rum brands looking to reduce costs by cutting corners in production and replacing natural ingredients with cheaper artificial flavours.

This led to our mission to bring back quality and creativity into the rum market. Using unique single-origin rums and infusing them with high-quality, responsibly-sourced natural botanicals.

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We're built on the belief that

strength lies
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Spirited Union is an Amsterdam-based botanical rum brand with a strong reputation for excellent, award-winning, botanical rums – as well as innovation and creativity in the spirits industry and a unique positioning in the market. 

To fund the business’s growth and launch in the US both with our range of rums and RTDs, we are seeking to raise working capital.

Spirited Union is built on the belief that strength lies in unity. It’s why we’re launching a share-funding campaign which allows for fans, friends and family to become part-owner of the company.

Our journey so far

since 2017

Since the company began trading in early 2017 we’ve been busy with:

  • Developing a botanical rum brand and range of products that completely rewrite the language and behaviour of rum
  • Delivering a five-fold increase in volume and revenue in the midst of a pandemic (2021);
  • The acquisition of our brand home and fully functional distillery in Amsterdam (which turbocharged the development of new products and product lines – and inspired thousands of consumers to explore botanical rum.)
  • The planting of the Spirited Union flag in 22 markets (+15 new markets in the midst of a pandemic ’21-’22)
  • Creating a values-driven team with expertise and proven success in the spirits business.

We are currently working with some of the best retail companies in the Netherlands (Nation-wide distribution in the Gall & Gall, Hema, Sligro), and will soon launch across the USA with Wholefoods Market.

Our recent achievements

in 2022

In 2022, the distillery was running at full capacity and we frequently operated at maximum capacity.

  • We have entered partnerships with HEMA, SLIGRO, COOP, SAQ CANADA and WHOLE FOODS MARKET, among others. We have also strengthened our relationship with Gall & Gall and will add another 440 listings to our existing business in 2023.
  • Due to increasing energy and raw material prices and inefficiencies in our eco-footprint, we have started to outsource the filling of our products. This way we can continue to grow undisturbed through external production and also make our supply chain more sustainable by partly filling in America.
  • To reduce our carbon footprint, we have switched to a lighter and more compact bottle. This ensures 31% less weight and less CO2 emissions.
  • To raise money for Ukrainian charities, we developed a non-profit rum, which raised €28,000.
  • After a lengthy certification process, all our products are TTB and FDA approved for export to the US.
  • In 2022, we will have grown by more than 600% in turnover compared to pre-covid (2019) – despite large-scale shortages and production challenges.
  • Growth in 2023 will come from strengthening our relationships with our distributors, a dedicated team of 10 professionals, innovations such as our plant-based Honey Rum and a unique Reserve Collection for sipping occasions.

The global opportunity for

Botanical rum

Rum is one of the oldest and largest categories of distilled spirits. With different subcategories, it appeals to different target groups, with different incomes. In recent years, the overall category has been growing strongly and we’re riding that wave of growth well.

A development we have seen develop over a number of years is the growth of the super-premium rum segment in Europe – currently growing by an average of 18%. And, in America, the category grew by 27% over the same period. We are responding to this growing segment by launching a new line of super premium botanical rums with partners in our strategic countries.

In the UK in 2022, we will see the total value of the rum category pass £1 billion and as a result, rum is now bigger than whisky. A large part of the growth has been driven by the Spiced/Flavoured segment and we’ve been proactive in addressing this. By working closely with our UK distributor, we’ve co-created ‘Good Spiced’ – a rum that appeals to multiple retailers and outlets across the country.

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