We’ve been going for over 2 years now. It’s time to look back at some of the things, we’ve done and going to do. Looking back, it’s been an incredible journey taking us through moments that feel like the depts of Mordor and moments of extreme excitement and joy.

For the past 6 months the entire team (and Union) managed to pull off things, I never thought would be possible. Before we dive down into this update, a shout out to all the Crowdfunders, our Partners, Bars, Bartenders and most of all the team for being part of an exciting new chapter; the Spirited Union Distillery.

Now let’s crack on and tell you a bit more of our journey…


Here’s a look at what we’ve done so far…

The rum which it all started; Union 55


Barbados Infused rum with botanicals and mineral salt bottled in a small distillery in Amsterdam for the first time in October 2016.


Union 55 rum was created with an ambition to create an infused rum focussed on flavour. Spending countless hours experimenting with botanicals from different continents, looking for ways to enhance the (hidden) flavours in this Barbados rum. Our mission is to create a rum that is well balanced – uniting botanicals and rum. 


The Union – First 55

It has always been our goal to make people part of our journey. To help fund the launch of the brand, we set sold the first 55 bottles in a limited-edition Ammo Box. The inspiration for Ammo Boxes came from a conversation I once had with a seasoned brand owner and how to get started; in the trenches with plenty of ammo.

The Launch

Although a brand isn’t launched but built, we decided to invite the First 55, friends and family to celebrate the birth of Union 55. Incredible night!


Tradeshow appearances

A big milestone for any brand is to feature in a tradeshow for the first time. Ours was the Perfect Serve BarShow in Amsterdam. During the tradeshow, our location was far from great; reason to change the stand into a walkthrough tasting area.

Our first international tradeshow was at the Bar Convent Berlin later that year. As a true start-up we wanted to change up the game a bit and spark the rum revolution, with a pop-up tasting area; as a rebel with a cause, we wanted to make sure the visitors experience all of the botanicals and our rum.


100+ Investors fuelled Union with funding to continue to grow the brand

As we want people to be part of the Union we decided to use crowdfunding to finance growth. Within 20 days we doubled our target (200%) to 100K raised. Thank you for all who invested.


The Union is growing

Over the past 2 years we’ve been working on getting the team together. Each member has their own Important role to play; Rogier Post for advocacy and sales in our home market, Koen Opperman to manage the distillery and Marjolein Pot to fire up the stills and work on new exciting recipes.

Union becomes an International brand

Started sipping and shipping overseas – First in the UK followed by the Nordics and Poland.

It is an incredible feeling, to see Union stretch beyond our reach into unexplored territory.
Happy, proud and grateful to our partners.

10 Degrees C – UK, Collection Spirits – Nordics, Boma Wines  -Aruba, Last Port -Poland


Dreams become bigger: Spirited Union is born

As we continue to explore the vast world of botanicals and rum we’re working on new recipes to be launched this year. As Union 55 is a name that  suits our first product, we decided to create a collection of Union’s called The Spirited Union.

And bigger…:  Spirited Union Distillery opens its doors

To innovate we needed a home of our own, a spirited distillery where we can continue to push the boundaries of botanical infused rum, and a place where consumers and trade can experience how its made. 

Visit the Spirited Union Distillery

Helicopterstraat 32, 1059 CG, Amsterdam


160+ Investors to fund the opening of the distillery

Rooted in our DNA, we decided to initiate a second crowdfunding campaign to make people part of our story. This time to fuel the opening of the distillery and start the production.

An incredible amount of support! Thank you all for believing and being part of our journey.


 So, What’s next?


Spirited Union Distillery Experience

From Thursday we’ll be opening our doors to public and organize guided distillery tours, workshops and seminars. For groups and individuals

Click here for booking information


Spirited Union Core Range

We are working really hard to develop an exciting new Union, a fresher and lighter style this time.. More on this later… 


International team

To continue to grow the brand internationally, we’re looking to expand our international team with an export manager. Check the vacancy here



For now, thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

Can’t wait to share some more in the near future.






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