Ohhhh Snap…   April Fools’ ! 


Although we’re big believers of the #StrengthInUnion it seems no one really knows what will happen to the European Union of 28… It’s the reason why we tried to add a bit of humor to this incredibly complex situation by creating a Union28 with a bit of Britain in it (not just its botanicals)…

Having said that, this post is somewhat true… We’ve got an amazing new #Union32 coming out in May. A fresh take on botanical rum with re-distilled with delicious fresh botanicals. 
To keep you informed on the development and launch of our new family member, please join the list.

To compensate for any disappointments you might have, we’ve decided to reward our subscribers with 20% discount on distillery tours and workshops, and once used, offer a free 100ml bottle of Union upon arrival*.

 Whats on offer in the distillery?

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Distillery Cocktail Workshop

Hope to see you in the distillery soon.


The Union


*Free 100ml bottle of Union for discount codes used in April and May 2019.


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