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Our last year of being a toddler has officially started today! Today we celebrate our 4-year anniversary! The perfect day to share what we’ve been up to lately…

But first a flashback to the early days…


We had just; launched the brand in 2017, started selling it in bars across the Netherlands, and raised 100K (in 10 days!) to fuel growth and introduce more creativity and flavour innovation in rum… The world smiled at us and we smiled back!It wasn’t long after these glory months we started to face the reality of building a rum brand… 


I remember being on a very un-success full UK sales trip mid 2018. I had visited 8 accounts that day with no new listings, our local distributor had failed to create any new business in the course of 6 months (and shortly after went bust), we had lost a big listing with a bar group in Manchester and I was doing my finances in this dodgy motel room as I saw this pot of money we had just raised evaporating into thin air… It started to sink in as I was coming down from the excitement of launching a brand and facing the reality of building one… Looking for comfort I sat down with a friend who told me to get a grip… followed by a piece of advice I (still use today) use when realising the progress you’re making… “Imagine if you could go back 5 years from now, and I would introduce you to yourself today. Would you consider yourself successful if you could achieve the same in the next 5 years?”.


Sitting in that tiny one-star motel room (no windows) in east London I definitely wouldn’t consider Spirited Union to be a success (far from it)… Walking through our own distillery today, seeing the team at work makes me realise how far we’ve come since that rainy day in London. I rarely sit down or slow down, let alone reflect on what we’ve done. But as you do on an anniversary, I’ve taken a bit of time to write up some of my thoughts and the incredible accomplishments made these past 4 years.


So here it is…  4 incredible years changing the future of rum…  

*disclaimer, the following has been the works of a dedicated team bringing their A-game every single day. Rogier (being a kick-ass sales guy and business partner), Marjolein and Sharai (creating delicious rum), Barrie (shipping rum to faraway lands), Wendy (assisting operations), Jasmijn (staying social), Dario (supporting research), Jeroen & Cata (hosting the distillery), and everyone involved, you guys rock!


 Today we celebrate…

…4 years of creating union between rum and botanicals.

Going from stirring in a few pots in the kitchen and creating a recipe to a fully functional 300m2 Botanical rum distillery creating exciting new recipes and creating union between rum & botanicals.

…4 years of creating award-winning rums

…4 years of producing in union with nature

We’ve made a pledge to the planet, minimizing single use plastic, using solar energy in the distillery, creating organic products and working with the finest natural ingredients.


…4 years of embracing the diversity in rum

Creating the world’s first botanical white rum and opening the door to the world’s first botanical rum distillery in Amsterdam… and soon launching a range of botanical cocktails for rum on the go.

…4 years of building a union of flavour explorers


Keeping through to “In Union there is strength” and opening the doors to our distillery for people to explore the art of botanical rum distillation.

…4 years of building strong partnerships

What got us through the years has been our strong partnerships. The bars and restaurants putting Spirited Union Botanical Rum on their menu’s, Our distributors in all 13 international markets, our retail partners like Gall & Gall and Auchan promoting innovation in rum, our suppliers making sure we don’t run out of rum, Aruba Tourism Authority promoting tropical vibes and rums. and the beautiful brands we co-produce in the distillery.

… 4 years of building a Union

From day one, it’s been in our DNA to be an inclusive brand and to get people to become part of the Union. It’s through our crowd funders in 2017 and 2019 that we managed to get this far. Thank you all for being part of this incredible journey.

Join me as I raise a glass to 4 years and the many more to come!

Thank you for your ongoing support. 



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