We’ve kept it on the down-low for months, and now it’s time to break the silence and share this massive and magical moment for Spirited Union as we expand our botanical rum range with 4 new and exciting flavours.

Following months of recipe development, sourcing delicious single-origin rums from all over the World, distilling and infusing them with fresh botanicals, we’re excited to finally share the fruits of our labour…

A personal note

When the first lock-down started in March,  I realised we had focussed all our efforts on building the Spirited Union brand in bars and restaurants, leaving out bottle shops and supermarkets. Having lost 75% of our business during the lockdown, the engine that drove the business ended up being our Achilles heel. It’s why we had to shift gears to make Spirited Union widely available and start making it into people’s home too. 

We sat down with the team late March and started to reimagine the future of our botanical rums. To fuse delicious refreshing tastes, and to create a range of rums that taste amazing in easy go-to drinks that can be made by anyone and enjoyed by everyone.

Flavour innovation, while staying true to our all-natural approach and produced in Union with nature…

Today is a good day for rum.

Ruben Maduro

Without further ado…

(insert imaginary drum roll)…

Introducing 4 new botanical rums: 

Queen Pineapple & Spice

A 2-3-Year-old Panamanian Rum united with fresh Queen Victoria Pineapple and distilled with cassia wood and sweet spice. Queen pineapple & Spice is shortlisted as a finalist for “The Grocer” new product of the year award 2020.
The ceremony is on the 18th of November.

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Sweet Orange & Ginger

Cask-aged Jamaican rum united with Zesty Valencia & Curaçao oranges infused with fiery ginger root for its Jamaican heat.

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Pink Grapefruit & Rose

A delicious African Rum united with blush pink grapefruit, blood orange, vapour distilled rose petals & Elderflower blossom for floral aromas.

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Organic Coconut (Launch date: 1st of December)

Organic Belizean rum united with toasted coconut flakes, organic coconut water, raw Peruvian cacao & Madagascan vanilla.

At the Spirited Union Distillery, we pledge to eliminate single-use plastic in our packaging, make use of solar power in our distillery and produce in the spirit of sustainability.  To celebrate our pledge to the planet we created this organic coconut rum distilled in the Belizean rainforest conservatory which supports sustainable agriculture in southern Belize.

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In a time where uncertainty, fear and frustration have become the talk of the town, It feels incredibly good to brush some of the negative vibes and to share and celebrate unity as we enter this exciting new chapter for Spirited Union.


Thank you for your ongoing support and being part of this rollercoaster journey.


#In Union There Is Strength


Team Spirited Union


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