Meet our new Distiller & Distillery Operations colleague; Sharai Rodrigues

Just started this month: our new Distiller & Distillery Operations colleague Sharai. We’re very excited to have her joining the team!

Who’s Sharai?

Sharai has over 20 years of working experience in the hospitality industry. She’s worked in a numerous amount of bars as a bartender. Not only shaking up cocktails behind the bar, but she’s also worked a few years as a bar manager.

In 2016 she joined the Isaac Academy where she became a Bar & Hospitality trainer. For almost three years she’s trained people there. After this she’s decided to take on a new journey, working as a brand ambassador for the Dutch jenever brand; Boompje Genever.

Oh, and let’s not forget she became Dutch Champion Bartending in 2017 and became second on the international championship in Copenhagen!

With her own business she provided numerous bars, hotels and restaurants hospitality consultancy and trainings. For example the Refugee Company, where she provided new drink menus and trainings for all the locations of ‘A Beautiful Mess’. A company that offers people with a refugee background a safe place towards economic and social independence through apprenticeship trajectories.

As we all know, covid -19 had a massive impact on the hospitality industry and Sharai had to continue her career in a different direction. We are glad our paths crossed, and look forward to working on exciting projects together!

Sharai will be taking care of all our incoming private label projects, focusing on flavor development. Besides this, she’ll also be taking care of our tours, tasting and distilling classes.

Get in touch

Want to get in touch, or simply give her a warm welcome? Send an email to sharai@spirited-union.com



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