Sustainability improvements; Solar Powered Distillation is now on!

Orange Green is the new Black; Goodbye coals, hello sunlight!


Global warming and mass pollution are undeniable facts with massive reproductions for us and future generations. We’re very aware that it’s up to us (not just us a company, but our entire generation) to help, to the best of our abilities to set things right. Its why we’ve decided to take sides and choose to act on behalf of our planet going forward. Ever since we opened the distillery, we started to look into our energy consumption, plastic usage and waste program, and we’re incredibly excited to share these first (sustainable) steps forward.


Shine on, Shine on

When we moved into this Amsterdam warehouse, we knew our 300m2 roof would attract a ton of sunlight and would be perfect to generate electricity. In an attempt to reduce energy usage, cut costs, and do the planet some good, today, we installed solar panels across the distillery roof. This way we’ve gone from energy user to energy supplier overnight! Energy gained through our solar panels will be injected back into the distillery and the Amsterdam electricity system. Not only will our still be running on solar energy, but surrounding businesses will also benefit from (real) green energy.

Breaking up with plastic.

Minimizing plastic in our newly produced botanical rums. We’ve taken out the plastic seal from our bottles and replaced it with a biodegradable seal. Our cases will not be closed with plastic tape, instead, we’re using a recycled tape better for the environment.  We’ve abandoned the use of one-way plastic at our events. No plastic cups, or straws period.


Although we still rely on some traditional green energy, this is a big step sustainable step going forward. Join us as we continue to work on an eco-friendlier distillery and planet.


If you want to come and check-out our distillery and join one of our tours, or workshops get in touch; events@spirited-union.com


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