“We’re on a mission to create Union between the vast and colourful world of Botanicals – giving birth to vibrant and exciting Botanical Rums.”


Signature Ruben

-Ruben Maduro

For those who can see beyond tradition

Making a delicious drink is a bit like cooking, combining textures and tastes to create something exciting and memorable. We work with fresh botanicals and produce real flavour, by saying no to sickly sweet and artificial aromatics… Brought together by a shared belief that spirits and botanicals should be delicious and fresh. we’ve simply made it our mission to unite these two, to create a colourful and refreshing new World for Rum; Botanical Rum.

Explaining rum production in the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam
Rogier explaining rum
Inside the spirited union distillery with distilling kettle and botanical infusions

Creating a new world for rum

We source single-origin rums and botanicals from the best regions in the World. We create union between the complex flavours of spirits and botanicals to produce new world rums that are bold, balanced with unapologetically fresh tastes.

We work in the spirit of sustainability

We believe in a hands-on approach to creating our spirits, its why each and every bottle is made by hand in our distillery in Amsterdam. Wherever automation is introduced it is to make our spirits better not necessarily to save a few pennies. The difference between something good and something great, after all, comes down to the details.

We produce in the spirit of sustainability and are on a mission to make our supply chain as sustainable as possible. Working in a solar powered distillery, eliminating single use plastic, working with sustainable partners.

Master distiller Marjolein Pot in the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam
Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam
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Inside the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam
Branded Spirited Union Distillery label