Today exactly 535 days since we first went into lockdown, we’re officially launching Spirited Union Botanical Rum with our partner BBC Spirits in France.

Ever since we founded Spirited Union, I’ve known France to be one of the biggest rum markets in Europe and it’s been on the cards for a long time.

However, as we explored the French market back in the early days, (Literally traveling through the countryside and biking around Paris to visit bottle shops and speak to bar owners) I’ve learned that its size and complexity would require a dedicated and expert partner on our side to make it work.

The French are known for their sophisticated taste and love for rum. As France has gone through an incredible cocktail explosion and developed a taste for unique rums, we believe now is the time for Spirited Union to start making its mark. 

Having met Bogdan and the team at BBC Spirits and learning about their dedication and experience bringing unique spirits tothe market, I’m confident they will be able to fuel the growth of a new chapter for (botanical) rum.

Today is a good day.




If you’re based in France (or any other part of the world), and you want to be one of the first to have your hands on a fresh bottle of Spirited Union Rum, feel free to reach out by sending an email to our international sales director barrie@spirited-union.com or our friends at BBC spirits via president@bbcspirits.com. Check out their website here.

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