*Disclaimer: not an April fools this time

People who know us, know that our ambition to add creativity and innovation to the rum category is big and bold. Having said that, opening the Spirited Union Botanical Beach Resort remains a dream for now. In the meantime, we are taking a big step forward as our bond to the island of Aruba strengthens.

Pepia Est is a premium wine and spirits wholesale company on the tropical island of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean. With a dedicated sales team and strong presence in the local trade, retail and travel retail we believe Pepia is the perfect partner to launch our complete range within Aruba.

“We are proud to welcome Spirited-Union to our portfolio, making great Botanical Rums available in the native country of Spirited-Union’s founder Ruben Maduro.” Herdy ten Lohuis – owner

The launch of the botanical rum range is scheduled for the 7th of June on the island. If you’re around and keen to get involved with our botanical rum range, make sure to send an email to raymond@pepia-est.com

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