The company has a background of 25 years in the spirit industry.



A small, but dedicated team, that consists of eleven hard working employees.

About Premium Drinks & Hostess

The company mostly operates through wholesalers, so while they are handling most of the b2c sales, Premium Drinks & Hostess and their representatives can focus more on marketing and on the visibility of their brands.

We are really pleased to have joined forces with Premium Drinks & Hostess. They have a fantastic background in the bar scene in Hungary and will be a great partner to build the brand and help us move forward.

3300 Eger
Deak Ferenc u. 24


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A personal note from Premium Drinks & Hostess

Robert Hervai, CEO:I really love how youthful and innovative the company is. Spirited Union has a really good view of life and they are always professionally prepared and full of ideas. They have a very great social media presence and the communication is flawless. As them, we are also open for upgrades and new ideas, and are seeking partners just like Spirited Union. We hope to establish a blooming and successful cooperation, while collecting new experiences together.”


Zoárd Trömböczky, Sales Manager: “From the Bartender side of mine, the brand was a really big surprise for me. Before tasting the products, I have never heard about the category of Botanical rum. However, when I tasted all of the products, I immediately fell in love with them. I really admire the careful selection of the base rums and the ingredients used during production. Also, knowing that we can work with a company who takes special care about the environment is a big plus.” 


All in all, we are very excited from both sides to start working together and can’t wait to see Spirited Union in Hungary!



Production of Spice and Sea Salt Botanical Rum bottles
Botanicals in glass
Outside of the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam