With the addition of only a small batch of 250 bottles we’ve added personality to our restaurant. The Gin is a perfect gift for business partners as well.


We proudly serve our own Volt Gin in gin-tonic since 2019.


Remco Weima, co-owner of Volt food and drinks in the Pijp. The restaurant has now existed for almost six years. It is a locals place, known for Amsterdam’s good service. The restaurant has good quality food for a fair price that people like to return for.

Volt Amsterdam

Personalized Gin

Business Case

“I thought it would be great to have our own spirit as a next level, in addition to having our own beer.”

We already have a Volt special beer, I always liked this. We really have our own beer, not something that already exists. This was the trigger for me to arrive with my own spirit. The gin hype has been going on for a long time and is not really going away either. We once started with 5 types of gin in the business, now we have double that on the map.

The Spirited Union started a crowdfunding campaign that we helped with at the time, so we then had the opportunity to have our own spirit made at a reduced price. We had donated to the campaign to launch Union Spice & Sea salt so already knew the brand. After the crowdfunding you opened the distillery in Amsterdam. Coincidentally, I am born and raised in Amsterdam, Volt is also located in Amsterdam, which is why your company appealed to me. We only had a small batch of 250 bottles made. The Spirited Union Distillery was the best option for us to have our own spirit made, a larger distillery wouldn’t burn its fingers on 250 bottles for a small price.

Volt Amsterdam Private Label Distilling

“It has become a high-quality product, which was the most important to us.”

We were sure we wanted a gin. It is the most popular spirit ordered so it was a commercially wise choice. We wanted an accessible taste, but something unique.

You advised us on the ingredients as your staff understands this much more than I do, which was nice to be helped with. We received a number of samples to review and in the end decided on our final recipe, which became a gin with angelica root, borage, and coriander seed among others. For me, quality is paramount; the same applies to you, which made great cooperation.

“It needed quite a lot time to put into this project, which I sometimes didn’t have. Fortunately, you contacted me regularly to speed things up.”

The entire process of making a spirit did not involve making a label. The label is very important, which is why we didn’t want to rush it. Your company has helped us by recommending the right partners to come up with the text for the label. In the end, a friend of mine, who works at an advertising agency, designed the label.

You have many types of bottles to choose from; in the end the bottle we chose was from a previous batch of private label distilling. This saved us costs and I also thought it was a very nice bottle.

“Making a spirit is a very nice process, but if you don’t have a lot of experience, you need the help of the Spirited Union team.”

Especially the process of developing a label, it’s quite important and you have to do this independently, so keep that in mind. For a small batch of 250 – 500 bottles, you are not going to engage an entire company it simply costs too much. If you’re handy with design, or have friends who can do it, it’s not a problem.

For Volt it is a nice hobby project and we can use it well for marketing, but we did not do it to earn hard cash.

Volt window
Private Label Volt Gin at the Spirited Union Distillery
Restaurant Volt Amsterdam

“You don’t see your own spirit at many other business’. It’s cool to be a kind of forerunner in this.”

Choose a product that sells well in your business. The sales pitch of the drink actually does enough. People are not necessarily concerned about the product used in it, but the fact that it is your own private label already makes an impression.  It’s a good marketing tool. Our gin is at the top of the menu giving it an advantage already. This removes many barriers for our guests not to choose it.

“You do something right or you don’t do it at all, that’s my motto.”

The entire process took about six months. It could have been a lot faster, but I was also very busy running my catering business. For faster progress, I recommend making a tight schedule allocating the right amount time to work on the project.

Price quality was fine and the cooperation went very well, after letting your team go ahead, you made it a beautiful product.

I am very happy with the end result! The final product really meets all of our wishes. It also works as a nice gift from our company to give to partners. We left a part of the label blank so that we can write a personal note and we can also number the bottles.

“The spirit added value to our company; it is something that makes us unique and is now part of our identity.”

Guests are very enthusiastic about it; they’ve not yet seen other private labels in many cases so the exclusivity makes it fun. The gin is also received highly for its level of quality.

If our gin runs well, we would certainly like to have a batch produced at your place again. The first batch is more of an added bonus for us, but if it really goes well then I certainly won’t exclude the idea of having more produced.

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