About Spirit Cartel

Headed up by David Hood, the Spirit Cartel family are a tight knit group, determined on importing and drinking the best spirits from around the world. Their methods may be unconventional and at times questionable, but nothing stops this gang on their mission. Targets include high end style bars and hipsters hangouts. Also, let’s not forget to mention that they were voted as best spirits distributor 2019 and 2021 by the IWSC.

10-12 Brewery road
N7 9NH


General email

We’re incredibly excited to start working alongside the dedicated and experienced team at Spirit Cartel. Building a new category for rum which we call Botanical rum. Single origin rums re-distilled and infused with natural botanicals in the Spirited Union Distillery using solar energy, eliminating plastic from our packaging and producing in Union with nature.


Why list Spirited Union rum?

David Hood, General Manager of Spirit Cartel:“We are so chuffed to have Spirited Union join La Familia Cartel. like all of our portfolio Spirited Union bring something new and exciting whilst retaining a true respect for the product category, something often lost with Rum. Spirt Cartel has a long history with Rum and this amazing range of Botanical Rums that Ruben and his team have created are brave, bold and courageous pairings that we believe welcome consumers to the Rum category and reward those that try them with incredible new flavour experiences.”

Spirit Cartel March 2020-05361


Spirited Union Distillery
Spirited Union Distillery
Spirited Union Distillery