Susan is also known as the founder of the website ‘Smulpaapje’ and the author of the book ‘Borreltijd’. In addition, she is involved in recipe development and food photography for various clients. She also makes commissioned content; Whether these are videos, interviews with famous chefs or extensive articles, Susan can do it all.

We invited Susan to take a Distilling class and share her experience. She was already known to the brand for her book launch ‘Borreltijd’ that took place in the distillery.

Suzan Aretz

Botanical Rum Distilling Class

March 2020

Susan Aretz Distilling Class

What appealed to me to come to the distillery? “You are my favorite rum brand!” Of course I wanted to come.

I have quite a few taste hatches in my head so I actually put together the recipe for the Botanical rum myself. Also based on your taste suggestions such as “Warming & Spice” I got inspiration and together with my ideas I came up with a recipe.

“What makes your workshop so unique is that you actually get to take what you make home. It is very cool to distil it and it is also very tasty.”

It was nice that we received enough support during the distillation. What I have remembered from the explanation; don’t leave the tap open too far, haha!

“In addition to the Union Spice & Sea Salt that has always been at home, I now have a very tasty rum, which makes me very happy!”

This workshop is certainly recommended to colleagues, friends, family or anyone coming together. You get a unique experience, it is fun and you get something very cool and unique to take home.

Have you ever tried making your own spirit?

You can join a distilling class in the distillery and create your own bottle of booze

Slicing grapefruit on cutting board
Botanical Distillates in Distillery
Distilling class kettles with botanicals on table