With the addition of two unique ingredients in the gin, Yuzu and Lemongrass, we  made an unique product that differs us from all other gins.


We buy half of our gin stock in 70cl bottles and the other half in 10L bags. Those 10L  bags are really a solution for pre-batching. By using Eco-Friendly bag in box we reduce our environmental footprint. By batching the rum in a 10L bag in Box we will cut down 80% of our packaging and save on excess glass and the carbon cost of producing a glass bottle. It will reduce weight by 40% and therfore reduce transported volume. By reducing the amount of glass, Spirited Union can bring down costs and offer this premium gin at a fair and affordable price.


Since 2019 we proudly serve our own Streetfood Club Gin in cocktails and gin-tonics, received with much love from our guests.


Jan Braam, one of the owners of the Streetfood Club in Utrecht. His partner was already familiar with the owner of the Spirited Union Distillery. They met when Union 55 was just released. When Spirited Union opened its doors to the distillery in Amsterdam, it also opened the doors for contract distilling.

The Streetfood Club goes through at least 2 boxes of gin per week. They serve an unprecedented amount of cocktails and gin & tonics. A private spirit label in the business would therefore run well, there was no doubt about that.

The Streetfood Club Utrecht

Yuzu & Lemongrass Gin

Business Case

“Your own product adds so much more value”

In addition to the Streetfood Club, we also have another company; the Rum Club. We had already had our own label made for this. This is going very well and because of this success we decided that we also wanted our own spirit at The Street Food Club.

It is of course great to be able to serve your own label spirit. In addition, it is also financially attractive. We go thorugh around 10 boxes of gin per week, which is quite a lot. We got the chance to set up our own gin in the same price range as an affordable big name gin brand, so the decision was quickly made for us. It is satisfying to be able to create something completely according to your own wishes. Not only the taste, but also the appearance of the label and bottle. Your own product behind the bar is much more noticeable than any other large well-known brand.

Given the success of the Rum Club rum and the good connection between us and the Spirited Union Distillery, it felt familiar to work together again. The great thing about the Spirited Union Distillery is that it is a start-up with an innovative and fresh approach.


“The better you envision a concept, the faster you can get started”

The concept we had in mind was a fragrant and fruity gin, which is nice, fresh and noticeable in combination with tonic. Our idea was clear so that we could switch quickly. The ingredients we wanted in the gin were juzu and lemongrass. It’s great that you distill these ingredients yourself, so your product gets a “real” taste. However, these raw materials are expensive, so you end up with a higher price.

In order to keep it affordable for us, we ultimately had to make other choices in ingredients. Through honest advice and consultation we have come to a good end product. In the end, the gin turned out a lot softer than expected. Its even better than we had in mind.

We designed the label ourselves. We received advice from your company about the format and positioning of the label, and we received good tips about the right partners to work with when printing. They were also very helpful.

The bottle was chosen quickly. We already knew in advance what type of bottle we wanted; elegant, long and graceful, something that went well with the product. We found the bottle option perfectly in your offer.

“If you want to switch quickly as a company, I advise you to delve into what product you want; the better you envision a concept, the faster the process will go “

If you have the time I would especially advise you to work with the Spirited Union Distillery. You get tailor-made advice. They look at what best suits your company, listen to your wishes and use their knowledge to arrive at the best advice.

Another thing that you as a company have to take into account is the storage; large volumes are difficult to store as a small company. Then keep in mind that it must be stored in a warehouse; these are additional costs that are often forgotten.

Private Label streetfood club gin
The Streetfood Club Utrecht Contract Distilling
The Streetfood Club Utrecht Contract Disitilling

“The price-quality ratio is better than just okay”

The desired recipe and valuable raw materials influence the price. For our other business, we had the Rum Club make a rum that we really could get for a top price. This rum did not require additional distillation and could hardly be more economical. Because the gin is made with precious extra ingredients such as juzu and lemongrass, the price turned out higher than expected. In the end we were able to find a good balance with the type of ingredients and recipe. As advice for other companies; have a cost price calculation done, so you know where you stand.



“What is so cool about having your own label; no one else has a product like you, that makes you distinctive”

It adds a lot of branding to your company. Furthermore, the gin only gets praise from guests, which gives a feeling of pride. People are also increasingly talking about it, which is good advertising for your company. The total picture is complete, it fits very well in the concept and makes that little bit more impression on your guests.

Both products have a lot of added value in our companies; the Gin for The Streetfood Club and the rum for the Rum Club. We are definitely looking forward to working together again in the future!

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