Vivian Secrève, better known as ‘The Daily Dutchy’, is the founder of the website ‘The Daily Dutchy’, where you can find new articles daily about lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food, hotels and hotspots throughout the Netherlands. Her passions are writing and photography, but she is a woman of many talents. At The Daily Dutchy she and her team like to work with real Dutch brands. They offer them a platform by giving advice, articles on the website or promotion by social media. Not only can they write great fun, but you can also contact them for photography jobs, PR requests and social media training. We invited Vivian to a Distilling class and asked her to share her experience.

Vivian Secrève

Botanical Rum Distilling Class

March 2020

“The workshop was a completely new experience for me and I really think it’s something unique.”

I spend a lot of my spare time eating and drinking. I like to go out for fun and to discover new things. The distillation workshop suited my interests very well. I had never done anything like this before, so it seemed very cool to be able to participate. When I shared this workshop via Instagram, I received a lot of positive reactions and people asked where this was possible. Friends from my area were also very enthusiastic and thought it was really cool that there was such a workshop where you can distill your own spirit. So good sign!

Vivian Secreve

Have you ever tried making your own spirit?

You can join a distilling class in the distillery and create your own bottle of booze

“Great workshop for people who are not yet so familiar with rum or your brand.”

This workshop would be well suited as a work outing, but also fun with friends or as a bachelor outing. You can really tackle a very wide audience with this. Anyone who has an affinity with alcohol, not necessarily with rum. It’s nice to get to know more about rum, something that I was not so familiar with myself. Interesting to find out what it is exactly, what you can do with it and how it tastes.

I am not a die-hard rum fan myself and I would not order it when I would go out, but I really liked everything. After this workshop I think I would order rum faster if I see it somewhere on the menu!

I liked that I was able to make a spirit completely by myself. I was already familiar with your brand, but I have never really been able to take a look inside, so I was now very curious. I went with my sister and we came by bicycle. It was easily accessible for us, only ten minutes by bike.

“The location is somewhat hidden in an industrial area. But once inside I was actually amazed at how neat and cozy everything looked.”

The tour and tasting were very interesting. It was done nicely, the atmosphere was nice, the people were relaxed and it was a really successful afternoon. As far as I’m concerned, even more information could be given about your brand itself.

“It was nice that you had a chart with which flavors would go well together and how much you could use best of each ingredient. That was really handy!”

I made my rum with grapefruit, green tea and jasmine. I was thinking about what flavors would go well with tea and thought it would work nicely with rum. Ruben came up with the idea to add grapefruit and it made it even better.

There really were a lot of botanicals on offer to use. Sometimes I even had a bit of choice stress and that is why I got advice from you and went for the safer options. It’s very nice how you can make it as crazy as you want.

“Everything went very smoothly for me and the guidance was great.”

Distilling itself was really not difficult, your team helped us well. One of the pumps was not working properly for me but this was solved quickly and well. After that I was actually the fastest who was ready so that went well! You have to stay with it and pay attention, but that only makes it more fun, otherwise you are just waiting.

I really liked that you get a bottle with your own name on it, very cool! I received a lot of nice reactions to this. It is very nice that you can really show your result. I have not yet opened the bottle, I will wait a while for a nice evening with friends. It was nice and neat that you could just print the label and stick it on the bottle.

“That is the nice thing about the workshop; you get something physical in your hands, with your own signature. You make it your own,  that’s really great. “

All in all, everything went very smoothly and everything was arranged perfectly! Also nice that you get a tasty drink with Union rum to enjoy during the workshop.

Botanical Distillates in Distillery
Botanical Rum Distilling workshop
Ruben Maduro at Distilling Class