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We love the way rum is traditionally made – the impact of soil, climate and cane on its taste. It’s why we go through great lengths to source single origin rums with different and distinctive flavour profiles.

Our philosophy of working with single origin rums is to embrace the diversity in each spirit and to evolve and enhance its unique qualities with botanicals.

Botanical rum

Inspired by years of developing innovating cocktail recipes, we’ve now got a core range of botanical rums that work great in mixed drinks and cocktails.

Spice and salt

Sweet - salty - sour

Our botanicals

Organic coconut

Our botanicals

Pink grapefruit & rose

Our botanicals

Queen pineapple & spice

Our botanicals

Lemon & leaf

Our botanicals

Sweet orange & ginger

Limited editions

We have an active limited-edition program that sees us create rums to give back to causes – whether it’s our non-profit rum for Ukraine or ‘Aruba Ariba’ that pays homage to our founders native island and re-invents a classic rum cocktail.

Our casks

Pink rum & rose lemonade

Our casks

Pink rum & rose lemonade


At Spirited Union we believe rum needs to taste fresh, and natural and can be enjoyed by everyone everywhere. It’s why we created two delicious ready-to-drink cocktails with our delicious botanical rum as a base.


Whether sipped in the park, at a dinner party, or after a long day at work, we’ve put in all the work for you to enjoy a delicious botanical rum cocktail on-the-go.

Our casks

Pink rum & rose lemonade

Our casks

Pink rum & rose lemonade

reserve collection

Years before we launched, our founders selected a variety of tropically-aged rum casks with a view to one day using them for something very special. Passionate about rum’s diversity, we’ve created an innovative maturation method to evolve these single-origin rums and create a unique taste.


Our Reserve Collection is an exclusive range of double cask rums, finished in tailormade botanical casks, perfect for rum connoisseurs or explorative whisky drinkers.

Our casks

Pink rum & rose lemonade

Rum liqueurs

Our rum liqueur range unites the delicious botanical flavour extracts with hidden tasting notes in our rums richened with a touch of cane sugar.


At the Spirited Union Distillery we’ve created a range of delicious rum liqueurs using traditional- and contemporary flavour infusions methods. Through distillation, maceration and percolation. 

Our liqueurs

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