Bee Free Honey Rum


“World’s first plantbased Honey Rum”

To create the perfect union of honeybush and rum, we’ve carefully selected a cask-aged column still rum blend from the Dominican Republic. This rum is distilled from fermented sugarcane juices and aged locally. The rich body is complemented by subtle honey notes of the honeybush botanical, and the filming mouthfeel lingers with juicy aromas of sweet orange and rosemary.

With this rum liqueur we want to raise awareness for the wild bees and their dire state. They serve a critical role in biodiversity and keeping this planet afloat. Therefore, their preservation is crucial for all of us and that is why we are introducing the world’s first bee friendly honey rum liqueur.

Let’s keep the real honey for the bees and make the world a better place.

Drink Bee Free Honey on the rocks, or mixed with ginger ale for a refreshing serve.

Cask-aged rum from the Dominican Republic united with plant based honey, rooibos & honeybush. Finished off with a touch of refreshing orange and rosemary.

Additional information


Indulgently smooth and delectably nuanced – mellow notes of pineapple with a rich finish.

Perfect Serve

Drink Queen Pineapple & Spice rum with Lemonade or mixed in one of your favourite rum cocktails.


Queen pineapple, Cinnamon, Clove, Toasted Coconut flakes.



Alcohol by Volume



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