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Zesty Amalfi lemons with crisp and minty notes of blue eucalyptus and black tea, finished with subtle earthy tones of Sarawak pepper, kina bark and sarsaparilla root.


The story of
Lemon & Leaf

We’ve distilled our Agricole-style rum with delicious zesty lemons grown along the sun-filled Amalfi coast in pursuit of an unrivalled fresh taste. These lemony flavours have been united with the delicate earthy tones of kina bark, together with Sarawak pepper & sarsaparilla root for a complex spicy finish. Our ambition has led us to pioneer uncommon freshness by distilling the finest blue eucalyptus leaves to create a balance of refreshing lemon and herbal flavours. When combined with UVA Highlands black tea, our Mauritian rum’s distinctive grassy citrus notes produce a unique light and minty union.





Amalfi lemons are a prized variety of citrus fruit that are grown in Italy’s Amalfi Coast region. They are known for their thick and pitted rind, which is rich in essential oils. These lemons have a vibrant flavor and aroma, making it the perfect base for our Lemon & Leaf rum.


Eucalyptus is known for its cool and refreshing taste. The leaves add a minty and slightly floral flavor to the rum, making it the perfect addition to the zesty Amalfi lemons.


This high-quality pepper is widely used in cooking for its bold and complex flavor. Its taste is earthy and pungent, with hints of sweetness and a mild heat that lingers on the tongue. The pepper’s aroma is distinctive, with notes of pine and citrus.


Amalfi Fizz

Pour 50ml of our Lemon & Leaf rum in a Copa glass or big red wine glass together with loads of ice, mix with tonic and garnish with lemon.

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