Non-Profit – Freedom Spice Rum


Cask-aged botanical rum with fruity tones of heroic Ukrainian spice – All profits help fund humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

At the Spirited Union Distillery, we’re on a mission to create botanical rum that unites people and to produce in an environmental and socially sustainable way. It’s why we’re taking action to unite, re-unite and support the victims of war in Ukraine by donating all profits made from our limited Freedom spice rum to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 



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As a company we take full responsibilty that our actions have an impact on the planet. This reflects in our carefully choosen company name. We want to be in union with everything that surrounds us, which is why we recently announced three actions to support our green mission. In light of the terrible situation that is happening in the Ukraine we want to support the refugees, and stand in Union with them. We believe that freedom is a right and that war is a destructive force which is never a solution.

Doing nothing is not an option for us. We are standing up and lashing out at oppression. We want to support those who have taken refuge and are separated from their loved ones. We had saved a special barrel with our original Spice and Sea Salt blend to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year. However, we are now in no mood to celebrate and will instead use this barrel to create a special edition; ‘Freedom Spice’.

We will donate the full profit to fund humanitarian aid. Please join our ‘Freedom Spice’ mission in raising €50.000 to help the Ukrainian refugees and stand up against this tyranny.



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Indulgently smooth and delectably nuanced – mellow notes of spice and vanilla for a rich finish.

Perfect Serve

Pour with purpose by mixing Freedom Spice Rum with ginger ale and garnish with an orange wedge


Ukrainian Spices


Cask Aged Rum from Barbados

Alcohol by Volume



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