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Organic Belizean rum united with toasted coconut flakes, organic coconut water and Ugandan vanilla for a rich and smooth finish.


The story of
Organic Coconut

To evolve the tropical flavours in our Belizean rum, we’ve united it with sundried organic coconut flakes. They are toasted to create a slightly nutty, sweet and creamy flavour. For a rich texture and well-rounded mouthfeel, we’ve diluted our rum with organic coconut water down to the perfect mixing strength. When coconut is toasted it takes a deeper flavour, woodier with a hint of vanilla. It is why we added a touch of Ugandan vanilla to create harmony between these delicious flavours. To add a burst of nuttiness we’ve infused raw Peruvian cacao into our rum. Its unprocessed flavours create a lovely complex finish.





Ugandan vanilla beans are known for their rich, creamy flavour and high vanilla content. Grown in a tropical climate, hand-pollinated, carefully cured and dried in the sun, they are a premium ingredient sought after by chefs worldwide. Using Ugandan vanilla supports a resilient local industry and celebrates a country’s spirit of determination.


The toasted coconut adds a delicious nutty and slightly sweet flavor to the rum, as well as providing a creamy mouthfeel. It is a perfect addition to add an exotic touch to our rum.


Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside young green coconuts and has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. It is the perfect ingredient to bring our Organic Coconut rum to the right mixing strength.



Take a shaker filled with ice and add 40ml Organic Coconut rum, 1 shot of cold espresso, 20ml coffee liqueur (for example Kahlua or Mr. Black) and finally add 10ml sugar syrup. Shake hard and pour with a Hawthorne strainer into a coupe and garnish with three coffee beans for the perfect twist on the classic espresso martini.

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