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Refreshing bitter sweet pink grapefruit rum combined with a premium rose lemonade.​


The story of
Pink Rum & Rose Lemonade

To create this delicious, canned botanical cocktail, we united a light rum with blush pink grapefruits and a slightly sweeter blood orange infusion, giving it a refreshingly balanced sweet and sour taste.   The cocktail has also been infused with a lush and highly fragrant rose flavour, combined with a honey scented elderflower blossom flavour which add delicious floral aromas to this cocktail.   Whether sipped in the park, at a dinner party, or after a long day at work, we’ve put in all the work for you to enjoy a delicious cocktail on-the-go.





Pink grapefruit peels are a flavorful and zesty addition that add a citrusy kick. The peels are tart and slightly bitter, with a distinct aroma that is both sweet and tangy.


Rose petals add a fragrant and delicate aroma as well as a slightly sweet flavor to the rum. It’s the perfect ingredient to balance out the bittersweet notes from the grapefruit.


Elderflower is a fragrant flower that adds a slightly sweet and refreshing taste to the rum.

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