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Jamaican rum united with Valencia oranges and fiery ginger to add some heat.


The story of
Sweet Orange

We add a bright citrus note to our cask-aged Jamaican rum by infusing and distilling Valencia & Curacao oranges. These hand-zested oranges add a rich citrus aroma and a delicious sweet taste. To create union between citrus and spice we’ve added a note of heat and spiciness by infusing our rum with fresh ginger root. The freshness in our ginger is rich and has notes of zesty citrus and fiery spice which perfectly complement the sweet taste of sugarcane molasses.





Valencia oranges are known for their juicy and flavorful flesh, with a taste that is both sweet and tart. Their flavor is reminiscent of fresh citrus with a slightly floral undertone that adds extra depth to our molasses based rum.


These oranges have a distinctly bitter and tangy flavor with notes of citrus and spice. The fruit’s peels adds complexity and aroma, and complements the freshenss of the Valencia Oranges.


This fragrant and spicy root adds a warm, zesty flavor with a slightly sweet and peppery undertone. Its distinct aroma is part of its allure, with a pungent and spicy fragrance that is both stimulating and comforting. The perfect addition to add a bold and delicious kick to our rum.



Take a highball glass and fill with ice. Add 50ml Sweet Orange rum, mix with ginger ale and garnish with orange.

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