Delicious Vanilla from Madagascar with a hint of sweet spices, with raw cocoa and sea salt providing the specific aftertaste.


The story of Spice & Sea Salt

We’ve taken great care to infuse a smooth cask-aged Barbados Rum with delicate flavours from our Madagascan  vanilla and cloves, Guatemalan cardamom  and delicious Peruvian raw cacao for a rich decadent finish.

Inspired by the ways in which top chefs and chocolatiers use mineral salt to enhance taste and flavour. We combined our botanical rum with a pinch of organic Añana sea salt from Spain.

Enjoy Spice & Sea Salt mixed with Ginger beer, or served in one of your favourite rum cocktails.

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Spiced & Stormy

Pour 50ml Spice & Sea Salt in a tall glass filled with ice. Add 150ml Gingerbeer and garnish with a Lime wedge. Enjoy!