Jamaican rum united with Valencia oranges and fiery ginger.


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The story of Sweet Orange & Ginger

We add a bright citrus note to our cask-aged Jamaican rum by in- fusing and distilling Valencia & Curaçao oranges. These hand-zested oranges add a rich citrus aroma and delicious sweet taste.

To create union between citrus and spice we’ve added a note of heat and spiciness by infusing our rum with fresh ginger root. The fresh- ness in our ginger is rich and has notes of zesty citrus and fiery spice which perfectly complements the sweet taste of sugar cane molasses.

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Sweet Orange & Ginger with ginger beer

Pour 50ml Sweet Orange & Ginger in a large glass filled with ice. Add 150ml ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge and a piece of ginger. Enjoy!