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Fun activities in Amsterdam

Discover & enjoy Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the capital city with endless opportunities, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of choices. Let’s face it, the more options we have, the harder it becomes to make a decision. Every activity is appealing in its own way, each has its pros and cons. So what do we really want? To learn something new, to just sit back and enjoy or perhaps to discover something entirely different. These are questions we often ask ourselves when we’re not sure what activities to do in Amsterdam

Activities in Amsterdam when you want to learn something

We humans are curious beings. Always on the lookout for something new. We thrive on learning new things, which not only captivate us but also broaden our horizons. When we engage in learning, our brain operates differently compared to when we’re doing routine tasks. We tend to become systematic, lose attention to detail and function on autopilot. So if you’re looking for activities in Amsterdam to bring joy to everyone involved, learning is a sure bet. That’s why the range of activities offered by Spirited Union are an absolute hit. 

What activities can you do at Spirited Union Amsterdam?

In late 2019, we opened the doors of our distillery to the public. Fast forward to now, and our workshop has skyrocketed into the top 3 group activities on TripAdvisor. From day one, our focus had been on providing incredible group activities in Amsterdam. Our aim is to become and remain the go-to hotspot for workshops of this kind. We offer an interactive experience where you’ll take home your own personalized bottle of botanical rum. During the workshop, you’ll become a master distiller for a day. The craft may be centuries old, but its allure is timeless. We blend age-old techniques with modern-day knowledge, offering a rich and nuanced experience. Whether you’re a fan of rum, spirits, cocktails or a complete newcomer. You’ll walk away from this activity as a fan!

Become a distiller
for a day

Join us for a 1.5-hour workshop that dives deep into the fascinating world of spirits and carefully chosen botanical ingredients. We kick things off with a tour of our Spirited Union distillery. We’ve designed the space with visitors like you in mind, aiming to make you feel right at home during our activities in Amsterdam. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed in our distillery bar, which is fully equipped with everything you’ll need. After the tour and workshop we’ll head to our specially designed Union Bar. Here you can relax and debrief over a delicious cocktail. And don’t worry there are also non-alcoholic cocktail options. Got plans in the city afterwards? You’re just a short hop away from the bustling heart of Amsterdam.  

Spirited Union

Spirited Union is a distillery based in Amsterdam with a focus on rum, crafted exclusively from plant-based ingredients. We distill in an eco-friendly manner, aiming to make a positive impact. We use only fresh, daily-sourced products to ensure a lasting and exceptional flavor experience – even if the bottle has already been opened. During your activity in Amsterdam, you’ll learn, among other things, how we incorporate fruit into our rum. The fruit that arrives at our facility is processed on the very day of the distillation. Sure, we could have made it easier for ourselves by prepping the fruit a day in advance, but that’s not how we roll at Spirited Union. Our ambition was to create a rum that you’ve never tasted before, one that leaves you craving more. And we’ve succeeded. How? That’s something you’ll discover during your activity in Amsterdam at Spirited Union.     


what our visitors say about our workshop

Marleen v
Marleen v
Aanrader bedrijfsuitje Super leuke activiteit met vrienden of bijvoorbeeld als bedrijfsuitje. Gastvrij ontvangst, tijd voor een grap, gezellig muziekje erbij. Zeer gedreven eigenaar die passievol uitleg geeft. Deed me denken aan een natuurkunde les. Eindresultaat is een fles flavoured rum door jezelf gemaakt met een mooi etiket. Dikke aanrader.
Chris C
Chris C
A fantastic and Educational experience Real fun with an excellent host. Our reservation was messed up but Steven kept the distillery open late to give us a private class. Had a wonderful time and the rum was exceptional. Highly recommend.
Kim Eriksson
Kim Eriksson
Amazing An amazing experience, highly recommend to do this! Ruben, thanks for marking our visit unforgettable
Gezellig je eigen rum stoken Het was een zeer leuke, twee uur durende workshop waarin je leert hoe je jouw eigen rum kunt stoken. Je krijgt een fles met je eigen stooksel mee naar huis, inclusief gepersonaliseerde etiketten. Erg leuk om te doen. De cocktails die je tijdens het stoken krijgt waren ook erg smaakvol. Een heel leuke ervaring om met vrienden te doen.
Wopke H
Wopke H
Een smakelijke ontdekking in de wereld van Rum Leuk team en super leuke experience in kleine desitileerderij. Apart om mee te maken hoe je met kleine porties kruiden en ingrediënten hele smakelijke drankjes kunt creëren in kleine distilleer kolommen. In zeer korte tijd heel veel geleerd en een super ervaring rijker. Natuurlijk naar huis met je eigen heerlijke fles rum.
Elena A
Elena A
Something different on a Friday afternoon I would highly recommend this experience! The whole procedure was fun and something different on a Friday afternoon. Drinks are included, so no worries, you will not miss out the alcohol! The team was friendly and pretty experienced, so in case you have questions on anything regarding your bottle, the distillery or the botanicals combination, they ae there to help you.PS: surprise your beloved ones with a gift like this experience and they will love you a bit more!Thank you guys
Echte aanrader! Super leuke middag gehad! Perfect georganiseerd en hele goede service! Dankjewel daarvoor. De workshop was erg leuk en het resultaat nog leuker! Gerald
Franz S
Franz S
Rum and Botanicals experience!! We had the fortune that the owner gave us the story and explanation of the Spirited Union Distillery. Very informative and well worth it. This is a one in a lifetime experience to savour Rum with botanicals. If you like Rum, i am sure you will like this experience.All the luck and success to the team of Spirit Union Distillery!!
Great fun! We had such a fun time during our distilling class! The atmosphere was relaxed and personal, and the drinks were great. Really loved the personalized label on my rum bottle!
Inge V
Inge V
Awesome experience! It’s nice that besides the tour and all the information about destilling, you actually going to destill yourself. Nice atmosphere and cocktails 😉

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